Monday, October 19, 2015

Conrad Archibald

Conrad Archibald Garff. 7 lbs 11 oz. 20 inches. Born September 29th 2015 at 10:20am.

We are so glad you are finally here. Tomorrow you will be three weeks old. These past three weeks have been very tiring, wonderful, sore, sweet, slow-going, happy, healing, and all around totally awesome. You have light brown hair and one dimple in your left cheek. We're not sure yet what color your eyes will end up but my guess is brown. I guess we'll find out soon enough. You are a very calm, good-natured little person. You love to be snuggled and warm and you do not like diaper changes, although even during a diaper change you don't really cry you just fuss about it. You are "okay" with sleeping in your crib but your favorite place to snooze is between me and Daddy in our bed; which by the way, Daddy sleeps great this way, Mom, not so much. (I'm just so worried I might squish you.) At your one week check up you had surpassed your birth weight, which apparently you're only required to be back at your birth weight by two weeks...which leads me to my next topic. You LOVE to eat. You eat all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. Haha. I guess that's why you're doing so good at check-ups. (You're welcome.) We started out a little rough with the whole nursing thing but after a couple visits to a lactation consultant we got the whole "eating all the time without making Mom want to die" thing down. Now we're both happy and comfortable. You are still wearing newborn size clothing but I don't think you'll be fitting into them much longer because you're filling them out quite well these days.

Myself, Daddy, Sadie, and Hannah are absolutely in love with you. Every time Daddy looks at you it's in awe because he just loves you so much (me too!). Sadie and Hannah both love sitting with you and get so excited when you're awake, which is just now starting to be more often. Sometimes in the car they even fight about which way your head lays while you're asleep...toward Hannah? or toward Sadie? (Haha, I never saw that being a cause for argument.) Daddy helps me out a lot with you. Some nights you get gassy and Daddy is right there volunteering to stay up with you for a bit so I can rest, even though he has work in the morning. Daddy also changes many of your diapers even though your mildly smelly poo makes him gag, haha. 

I am thrilled to get to know your more in the weeks, months, and years to come and am so happy that you are a part of our family. 


Friday, September 18, 2015

another "plot twist".

In my previous post "plot twist" I talked a bit about my SPD and how that was effecting my life now and going to effect my labor and delivery (remember, a no drug labor and delivery. OUCH!).

Well after much research, talks with my doctor, talks with my husband, and talks with close friends I have now decided to go forward with an alternate delivery by cesarean section. I've been VERY hesitant to go that route since I first found out I had SPD. I wasn't so much scared of the procedure as I just didn't want to heal two places in my body, a pelvis and a cesarean incision. But like always, life doesn't always go as you plan. Hell, life may never go "as planned". Haha. But, I'm really okay with that.

After all the research and thought I just realized that as well meaning and practiced as I may be, when I go into the delivery room there is really no telling what type of experience I could have. I could practice every night, my breathing and positioning to help with my labor pain and to keep my pelvis aligned but in an emergency all thoughts of my pelvis are going to go right out the window and a delivery with an "out of sorts" pelvis can lead to chronic pelvic dysfunction and severe, life long, disabling pain. That is just not a chance I am willing to take just so little baby can come out one end instead of another. There are just some risks that are not worth taking and possibly being disabled for the rest of my life is NOT a risk worth taking.

So I am happy to announce that Conrad Archibald Garff will be delivered on September 29th. I am so excited to meet him and snuggle him. I have a feeling he's going to look just like his Daddy with a cute tiny chin and a little frog butt. Haha. Oh, I am soooooo excited! Did I mention I am excited? 


In other news, the nursery has carpet and windows and furniture. I haven't blogged a reveal quite yet because I am still getting all the little details finished up, but it looks SO GOOD! The bearded man and I love to go down there and sit because it is so comfy and quiet and happy. The cats love it too...which as of now isn't a problem, but if Fluffy thinks for one second he is going to go down there and wake Archie up at 3 am with his "poor kityy cries" when he thinks he is going to die of hunger, he has another thing coming. Haha. (Now that I think about it, they may both be up at 3 am crying from hunger. Haha.)

Anyways, cheers to a change in plans, nurseries being done, and cat vs. baby crying battles. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

"plot twist".

I don't really know how to start this blog post so I guess I will just jump right in there...Hi, I have symphysis pubis dysfunction or SPD. (Say wha? Ya, I know, right?)
  1. Normal Female Pelvis
    Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) is a condition that causes excessive movement of the pubic symphysis, either anterior or lateral, as well as associated pain, possibly because of a misalignment of the pelvis.

Pelvis with SPD

Pelvis with SPD

So here's the story. When Chris and I got pregnant we were beyond thrilled. We had been planning this pregnancy for about a year and were excited to not have difficultly conceiving. For me I was slightly nervous, just knowing the toll a pregnancy can take on the body, but I was very determined to maintain my fitness routine throughout this pregnancy so that I could have a healthy pregnancy and strong labor/delivery, also, I was hoping for a quick(er) postpartum recovery.

The first month (well really four months) I was sooo nauseous, unlike my first two pregnancies with the girls, but I prevailed. I continued to go to the gym and workout like normal...well, with an occasional break to go gag or barf, haha. But all was well. Then about 10 weeks into my pregnancy I started noticing pain in my "groin" area. I never remembered having pain "down there" with my other pregnancies until my last couple months and it was very bearable. I spoke with my O.B. about the pain I was having and he told me it was probably lower ligament pain and common in pregnancy. "Well duh!" I thought. I had just done a rigorous HITT workout on the treadmill so I pawned it of on me pulling a muscle (serves me right for being on a treadmill anyway, nasty things. Haha)

As I waited for my "pulled groin muscle" to heal the pain only became more intense. I was becoming completely unable to do lunges,squats, or jog; and walking or getting into my car was becoming painful. The pain became especially intense at night. One night when I was laying down for bed the pain was so bad that I literally cried out. I remember leaning over and telling Chris "something is wrong, this is NOT lower ligament pain." That night, after a complete sobbing meltdown, that I am sure I freaked the shiz out of my husband with, I did a lot of googling and, rather quickly, I was educated for the first time about SPD. I remember reading a blog with a long list of symptoms and I had every. single. one. At first I felt relief, finally I knew what was giving me so much grief; but the more I read the less comfort I felt and the more I felt nervous about what was ahead of me. 

The hormone relaxin is released into the body to prepare your pelvis to deliver a child, SPD occurs when relaxin relaxes a little (or a lot) too much. Any separation 9mm or more is considered SPD and is extremely painful. SPD doesn't heal itself until after delivery and pain levels generally heighten throughout pregnancy. 

Heck, at the moment I was reading this I was only 13 or 14 weeks along and I thought I was dying (haha, If I only knew what was coming)! Then I started to look for ways to help or prevent pain...don't sit too long, don't stand too long, don't spread you legs wide, don't lift heavy objects, go up stairs slowly-one foot at a time, use (a million) pillows when sleeping...the list just went on and on. Then I was like, "okay I can do that, I like pillows" how do I exercise? That's when google punched me in the face. Oh you want to exercise...well don' least not the way I was used to exercising. Short and slow walks are typical workouts for women with SPD. (Oh boy! Really? Nothing? Nada? Seriously?)

Presently, I have 11 weeks to go. Sedentary positions to large movements are intertwined with medium to extreme/intense pain. Haha, the girls and Chris are so used to me taking sudden gasps through my teeth that they barely even notice it anymore. Settling into bed is still the most intense but once I get settled in I can slowly feel my body relax and I can sleep well-ish (I mean, let's be real, even the most comfortable pregnant woman doesn't sleep all that well, am I right?)

Anyways, I have also found that a labor without medication is recommended for women with SPD because it is imperative that you be able to feel how your pelvis is positioned during labor and delivery to prevent further injury to the pelvis. So the bearded man and I signed up for Lamaze and I'm going to practice really hard so that maybe I can do whole L&D things without meds...we will see. (I could use all the crossed fingers I can get, haha.) 

Another thing I wanted to mention is that while dealing with this it has been really hard to stay "up" mentally. Although I try not to whine or complain, sometimes just describing how I'm feeling comes off that way. It get's old hearing myself talk about how "Ooo, that hurts" or "I can't do that" or "I need help" even if it's all true and informative. I hate being unable to do things. I hate slowing my family down from doing things. I hate hurting. And all that together can really take a toll on ones "up-ness". It's been a real struggle to stay positive. But I am determined. My determination alone may not help me stay physically fit during this pregnancy, but it can help me to stay mentally fit. 

So do I hurt? Yes. Is it really, really bad. Yes. Are some days almost unbearable? Yes. Do I wish this wasn't happening to me. Yes.

But I will NOT let it get the best of me!

So eat that you dirty little SPD. [Sticks tongue out and makes a mean face]    

Here's some positive quotes I found on the good 'ol pinterest that are helping me keep my chin up...maybe they can help you too. 

final nursery design...(for real though).

So after some revision (and budgeting) I finally have a "final" nursery design and I am so excited! This design is slightly more simplistic than my initial brainstorm mood board...which is par the norm, but I am satisfied that it will grow with baby Garff as he grows. Nothing in here screams "BABY ON BOARD" and I am sooooo okay with that.

The bearded man is going to start working/slaving away on insulation, electrical, and dry wall this week (cross your fingers). Hopefully we will have this little space done (well, done enough), by the end of August.

Mexican blanket- Found a sweet deal on Brickyard Buffalo but the original vendor is Gunn and Swain
White duvet cover-Ikea
Swiss cross sheets-Target
Black shades-Ikea
Floor lamp-Ikea
Track Lighting-Ikea
Bronze sconce-Urban Outfitters
Narwhal hooks-Urban Outfitters (sold out)
Grey pouf-Land of Nod
Red rug-Urban Outfitters
Mini crib-Walmart
Fox pillow-Urban Outfitters
Arrow pillow-Urban Outfitters
Triangle pillow-Urban Outfitters

Also, I cannot wait to frame up one of these free printable posters for baby boys room. I think I'm leaning more toward the "Happy Little Campers" poster, though.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

hey little baby 5.

Hey little baby,
Well guess what? You are male. It's been a bit since we went to your 20 week appointment and got to see your cute little self but I just now had the opportunity to write to you, (presently, you are 23 weeks and some days along). The appointment was awesome. That day had been kind of busy because S had a field trip that kept getting postponed because of weather. We actually had to leave her field trip early to get to the appointment on time, but it didn't even phase S. She was REALLY excited to see you. Your sisters both loved hearing your fast heartbeat and we were all thrilled to find that you were a boy. The girls were especially excited that they were right about you being a boy. Your sisters like being right and winning bets...remember that, haha. Also, we didn't get a lot of pictures of your cute face but what we did see looks a lot like your Daddy.
Since your 20 week appointment I have had another appointment and you are still sounding great and measuring correctly with your approximate due date (October 6th). You move around constantly and your kicks and wiggles are really strong now. Sadie has felt and seen you kick a few times and she loves it. Both your sisters love to give you a tummy hug and talk to you through my belly button.
You're one lucky guy to have them as your big sisters, by the way. The app on my phone tells me that you can hear us when we talk to you, so you should be really familiar with all of us when you finally arrive.
I have been shopping around for your clothing and other supplies and I've made some burp cloths and a mobile for you...there are also a few blankets in the works. Nanny and Pawpaw are moving out here from Georgia on August 12th. Nanny wants me to wait until she gets here before I make your blankets. She made both the girls a soft blanket when they were babies and both the girls still love them, so she wants to do the same for you.
Keep up the wiggles and kicks and I will write you again later. (Only 17 weeks left till I get to hold you in my arms. I am so excited!)
Love you lots,

nursery design.

I am soooooooo(!!!) excited to be renovating and designing this basement bedroom as a baby/guest room. Over the years my taste and style has evolved so much and I am thrilled to let loose a little for Baby Garff. Out of all the rooms in a home, childrens rooms are the most fun to design. The sky is honestly the limit and ANYTHING goes. (I mean why not have a Bill Murray clock right?) When designing this space though, I really wanted to stick to things that didn't just scream "BABY BOY IN THE HIZ-OUSE!" I want it to grow with our little man and, of course, jive with the style of the rest of the house. So here's to a bright eclectic room, with a bit of mine and the bearded man's favorite things--the dessert and comedy.

Also here are the before pictures of the room. Since these were taken we've ripped out carpet, paneling, and the weird ceiling tiles. The first steps will be to insulate, install new windows, put up drywall (walls and ceiling), add lighting, paint everything a bright and crisp white, and install carpet.

That's when the real fun will begin. I know I only threw together a vague design collage, but I have the grand design all in my noggin and it's going to be AWESOME!!! Pops of color and texture mixed with some young eclectic pieces (like the tiger rug and narwhal hooks) are making me so excited I may just bubble over.

Anyways. The bearded man has been super busy with free lance work this summer and I will admit I have been a little stressed that we might run out of time for our little reno; but I have been promised that the room will be done by the end of August.

(p.s.-take a sneak peak down below at some of the things I'm hoping to add to Baby Garff's wardrobe.)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

hey little baby 4.

12 weeks.

Hey little baby,
It's Mom again. I am 19 weeks pregnant with you and the app on my phone tells me you are now the size of a mango. I am not really sure how big that is...I don't see mangos all that often in the store but I am guessing it's pretty good size since you are making quite the bump inside my belly.
I've been feeling you move for a little more than a week now and your dad just felt you for the first time last night. He thought it was really cool. It is really cool. In six days we having our 20 week appointment where we have a very thorough ultrasound and get to see what type of little person you are (boy or girl?). When I first red the pregnancy test I thought you would be a girl. Then I went to thinking you were a boy. So I will be very surprised to find out for sure. I don't care though, just so you know. I will be so thrilled no matter what...and so will your dad and sisters. Your sisters both think you are a boy, by the way. They are also coming with me and your dad to the appointment. They are going to be so excited to see you. When Hannah was born Sadie wasn't even two years old yet so they don't really know what it's like to have a little person around, they were both THE little people around, haha. 
In other news, I have been collecting some baby things for you. There's a little crib already set up for you in mine and dads room. I've been given some nice toys and baby gear by some friends. I also found a really nice baby swing online that I hope you will like. I have a few decorations for your future room--which at the moment looks like a cave because we've gutted it and now just have to fix it up nice for you. I have a design plan ready we just need to get to work. Don't worry. You won't be room-less. Haha.
Each week we get more and more excited to meet you. I love feeling you move around in my tummy so keep it up. I am really excited to get more pictures of you at our next doctors visit and see who you may look like...Daddy? Mommy? or both? You're dad and I aren't too bad looking so hopefully you will be pleased with our genetic make up, haha. 
I love you tons,